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Gijón City Council

Platform for the Gijón city council

Comprehensive maintenance service and remote support of the set of applications that are included under the name SCSP Portfolio, hereinafter SCSP, used by the Gijón City Council and that allow access to the data verification and consultation platform of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.
​This platform allows access to more than 80 services from different administrations through the SCSP application, which manages all the security mechanisms necessary for access to the services authorized for each person, making requests for information and responding to them. and the audit of the requests made by each person.

The Gijón City Council has been using this data verification service since 2011, for which it has a complete installation in its SCSP facilities, through which municipal staff carry out data queries and certificates provided by other companies. administrations, which are currently made up of the following services (currently authorized services in blue):

Included as tasks of the maintenance service are the installation, configuration, updating and general maintenance of:

Database that supports the SCSP and data query services.

Web servers, application servers and any other technical component necessary for the correct functioning of the SCSP

New versions of any of the SCSP components.

Libraries necessary to use data query services.

New data consultation services.

Electronic certificates for access to data consultation services.

Secure connection certificates (SSL).

Any other current or future technical component necessary for the correct functioning of the SCSP.

Direct contact with the support and/or service centers for integrators and developers of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, the SARA Network, @firma and in general any other body or entity involved in the operation of the SCSP, to manage and resolve all technical issues that are necessary.

Maintenance of the servers that host the pre-production and production environments of the SCSP, updates to the operating system or any other software necessary for the correct functioning of the SCSP.

Reports on the status of the situation and the architecture, the current configurations, the actions carried out and the proposals for changes or improvements to be made.

Executive summary of the incidents.

Pre-production environment maintenance tasks.

Production environment maintenance tasks.

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