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Digital Europe for All

Aeioros Servicios participates, together with Ricoh, in the Digital Europe for All project, whose consortium partner in Spain is the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, along with 23 other participants, companies, institutions and public organizations from the member states. of the European Union.

What is Digital Europe for All?

Digital Europe for All (DE4A) is a 3-year European H2020 project to support the implementation of the (EU) Regulation for the creation of the Single Digital Gateway and contribute to making the European digital single market a reality through the provision of public services quality cross-border digital services.

The project is based on the analysis of the state of electronic administration in the different Member States and its preparation for the electronic exchange of evidence. The legal environment is also analyzed – with a special focus on the protection of personal data – and the technological environment, evaluating the application of innovative technologies with great transformative potential such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

What are the objectives?

DE4A aims to facilitate the transition towards quality European digital public services provided cross-border, thus helping to strengthen trust in the public sector and with tangible positive effects on society, such as improved efficiency and reduced administrative burden for citizens and companies throughout Europe.

DE4A will carry out 3 pilot projects at European level to offer citizens and companies fully online administrative procedures in which the “once-only” and “digital-by-default” principles contemplated by the Declaration will be applied of Tallinn signed by Spain and 31 other European countries. These pilot projects will allow the DE4A approach to be validated in response to real needs and situations of European citizens and companies.


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