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Technological consultancy

Innovative and constantly evolving business solutions.

In Aeioros Servicios, we focus our efforts on advising our clients on how to use the technologies they have and the new ones they may acquire, with the aim of achieving their business strategies. Additionally, we offer solutions with technological components designed by our team to carry out process control, search, organization, sharing, and publication of information. One of our main objectives is to facilitate as much as possible all possible tasks to simplify day-to-day operations.

Reasons why it is beneficial to have consultancy like Aeioros:

One of the primary reasons is resource optimization. Aeioros Services evaluates the technological resources available to your company and proposes improvements to them or suggests acquiring new ones, tailored to the latest technologies of the moment.

Another reason why it is very beneficial for a company to have Aeioros Services is the assimilation of concepts regarding the development of the company. This translates into an expert offering companies better resources to carry out their work day by day. This is one of the tasks of our team: to accompany our clients in the assimilation of concepts to achieve long-term growth.

A personalized service tailored to each client. A professional available to address any issues that may arise, who also brings improvements and effective solutions. An experienced consultant with extensive knowledge who provides cutting-edge and professional solutions.

Another crucial aspect at the technological level for a company is the importance of reinforcing cybersecurity, a task that will be covered by the Aeioros Services team, with the aim of protecting your company's data and processes.


As you can see, having a technological consultancy like ours in your company can be very beneficial for numerous tasks, from controlling cybersecurity to supporting business digital transformation processes, software development, and creating a comprehensive and effective digital infrastructure

The consulting area carries out all processes of:

  • Analysis and design of business processes.
  • Development planning.
  • Optimization and migration of the client's database to adapt it to new functionalities.
  • Integration with other systems implemented in the company (ERPs or others).
  • Customization of the interface, both externally (corporate applications) and internally, adapting the system to the client's specific processes.

With Aeioros Services, your digital infrastructure will be secure, optimized, and constantly evolving to adapt to current changes and any new ones that may arise. With Aeioros Services, you will achieve excellence.

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