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Computer maintenance and support

Computer maintenance and support

Mantenimiento de servidores y equipos, actualización de Software y ofimática, gestión del correo electrónico corporativo, conectividad con periféricos y gestión de garantías.

Technical support:

Aeioros Servicios manages both technical support and maintenance in electronic systems with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of computer systems.

Our team handles both inquiries and issues from customers arising around a product or service, and furthermore, carries out all actions to prevent failures and enhance the functions of a program or device.

The goal is to find a solution to provide the necessary assistance to ensure the smooth operation of the systems.

The company begins with a support called 'help desk,' which involves identifying the problem in order to offer a professional solution. It also provides assistance in specialized areas and employs professional and experienced technicians with excellent capabilities to aid in the management and resolution of issues. Additionally, through the 'back-end' support, Aeioros Servicios addresses those more complex problems that require a specific and detailed solution.

What is obtained through the management and maintenance of electronic systems?

Thanks to the early detection of problems and Aeioros Servicios' prompt and efficient action to resolve the issue.

Secondly, our company adapts the indicated device to new technologies, taking into account the latest and most innovative technological advancements in the market to absorb improvements and keep computer equipment up-to-date at all times.

The main objectives in both system management and maintenance are prevention, reaction, and evolution. Preventing equipment malfunction and ensuring their security, thanks to regular inspections and actions that alert of potential failures and maintain optimal performance and secure equipment.

"Reacting quickly to potential issues that may arise and evolving to add new functionalities and market tools to the equipment is essential to maintain competitiveness and meet the changing demands of users."

In addition to the mentioned advantages, you will be able to keep your business in perfect harmony at all times, relying on ticket management tools for issue resolution, direct contact via email, social media, or phone to address them as quickly as possible, and even individual problem resolution with the support of our team remotely. Moreover, you will be able to provide valuable data to your customers so they can create a comprehensive analysis.

Why is it important to have a support and maintenance company?

It is important to have the support of Aeioros Servicios in order to offer support and maintenance to your customers. There are several reasons for this:

The first and most important is to protect computer systems and equipment in order to have updates for programs, operating systems, and security.

Additionally, you will have a direct communication channel so that you can support new user additions and they can become familiar with the company's products or services. A company holds significant value when it has adequate customer service to promptly and effectively resolve any issues and problems that arise.

Lastly, replacing outdated or underperforming technologies with the most suitable ones for your business, adapting to new market changes and improvements.

  • Servicio presencial: On-site service.
  • Servicio permanente: Permanent service.
  • Servicio remoto: Remote service.
  • Servicio de Monitorización Remota TI: Remote IT Monitoring Service.
  • Servicio de Dirección de Proyectos TI: IT Project Management Service.
  • Servicio de Mantenimiento Integral: Comprehensive Maintenance Service.
  • Servicio de Outsourcing Informático y de servicios Informáticos: IT Outsourcing and Computer Services.

At Aeioros Servicios, we analyze and evaluate your systems to offer you the services that best fit your business.

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