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Electronic administration solutions

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In Aeioros Services

We adapt to each of our entities and we strive to advise on the products they need. In addition, we are responsible for integrating all electronic administration solutions so that companies can work and meet their objectives more easily.

We work with the “e-government” concept, which consists of transforming traditional offices into “paperless offices”, converting all steps and procedures into effective electronic processes. In this way, your entity will achieve greater transparency and responsibility when carrying out each procedure in a way that allows you to have greater control of the organization. The result will be work:




At the same time as favoring the organizational level through the use of electronic administration, all interactions of citizens with the administration are also greatly facilitated, allowing them to carry out any procedure at any time of the day without having to go in person.

It will also make it easier for citizens to interact with their own work, which will lead to an improvement in their working conditions. It will no longer be necessary to be in a specific physical location to carry out a procedure, now it can be done through your computer directly from your own home.

At Aeioros Servicios, we are committed to implementing and integrating electronic administration solutions to facilitate numerous tasks detailed below:

Internal management

facilitating the management of files, electronic files and documents.


It will be promoted through active advertising and access to public information and good governance.

Electronic headquarters and in citizen folder.

Procedures may be carried out at the electronic headquarters and in the citizen folder.

Updated and cutting-edge web portal

administration to citizens, promoting online marketing and facilitating citizen management.

The result will be to bring electronic administration closer to all citizens.

At Aeioros Servicios we present a catalog of Digital Administration Services that aims to disseminate shared services and the rest of common services, infrastructures and other technological solutions that the General Secretariat of Digital Administration makes available to all public Administrations.

The objective is to promote the development of Digital Administration and improve the services offered to citizens and companies, or internally to public employees.

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