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Quality policy

Quality policy

Integrated Management System Policy

The Integrated Quality Management, Service Management, Information Security, and Environment Management System of AEIOROS SERVICES aims fundamentally to improve our IT SOLUTIONS DEVELOPMENT AND IT SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION services, evolving over time through continuous improvement, with the ultimate goal of being able to offer our clients an excellent product and service in all aspects, fulfilling all agreed requirements and ensuring total satisfaction of all expectations.

Due to our activity, at AEIOROS SERVICES, we understand that information is an asset with high value for our organization and therefore requires adequate protection and management in order to maintain our business continuity and minimize potential damage caused by Information Security failures.

To achieve this, AEIOROS SERVICES undertakes the following commitments:

Full satisfaction of our customers

Maintenance of appropriate communication channels with customers to detect their current and future needs, in order to ensure their satisfaction with regard to meeting their needs, requirements, and expectations.

AEIOROS SERVICES's permanent commitment to Quality Management, Service Management, Information Security, and Environment Management will be demonstrated through training and awareness programs that promote participatory management in these areas, enabling the skills of the personnel to be used for the continuous improvement of the production process.

To ensure the development of its activities within the agreed requirements and applicable laws and regulations, compliance with legislation will be ensured, as well as other requirements agreed with customers, including those related to the management of services included in our catalog, the Environment, and Information Security.

To comply with requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management, Service Management, Information Security, and Environment Management System, through the implementation of measurement and monitoring systems for the solutions and developments made for our clients, as well as quality, Service Management, Information Security, and Environment objectives.

Ensure business continuity by developing continuity plans in accordance with recognized methodologies.

Periodically perform and review a risk analysis based on recognized methods that allow us to establish the level of information security and minimize risks through the development of specific policies, technical solutions, and contractual agreements with specialized organizations.

Promote environmental responsibility at all levels of the company by providing adequate training to all personnel.

Prevent, control, and minimize environmental effects generated in the environment, including pollution prevention, resulting from the activity of AEIOROS SERVICES.

Commitment to informing stakeholders.

Selection of suppliers and subcontractors based on quality, environmental, service management, and information security criteria.

AEIOROS SERVICES personnel will carry out their work oriented towards achieving the set objectives and in accordance, at all times, with legal and client requirements.



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