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Software development

Software development

Construimos apps 100% personalizadas, tanto nativas como híbridas, accesibles desde todos los dispositivos.

We design and develop the necessary applications for your business to operate and generate the highest possible profits.

Trust in our experience and technology to handle the development of your business applications, including native applications accessible from all Windows, iOS, or Android devices, as well as web application development.

What are you going to achieve?

Improve communication with your customers, gain visibility, and increase your sales in a simple way thanks to mobile apps.

The development of web and mobile applications is one of the largest niches in the technology market. Having a powerful, effective, and solution-oriented application can translate into significant benefits and sales for companies. Through applications, the various sales processes of a company are optimized and managed. Building a versatile, agile, intuitive, and easy-to-use application is one of the challenges we face every day at Aeioros Servicios.

We specialize in developing mobile applications through the Xamarin solution, a powerful tool that works with the C# language and offers cloud revisions and continuous monitoring to ensure more security, performance, and adaptability. The applications we create in our company are unique and customized, with updated technology developed to fully meet the needs of your customers. They are flexible and evolve alongside your business.

We have a professional team that can create the product you desire.

If your company has several software programs, creating a custom application favors the integration of the greatest number of possible programs used, to achieve efficiency in its processes and manage its resources in an optimal and simple way. Managing product orders, deliveries or customer service through your phone are just some of the options that you can have at your fingertips with our applications.

With Aeioros Servicios, your applications will always be updated and constantly maintained with our technical support, adapting to market developments and new needs that arise. We have a large team of computer developers who create, improve, study and parameterize the technological components on which the specific and personalized solutions that each client needs are based.

They will be accessible from any Windows, iOS or Android device.

At Aeioros Servicios we are specialists in software development, mainly in Java and PHP programming environments. We follow a development methodology, opting for Metric 3 or SCRUM depending on the type of project, and applying the procedures and controls of our Quality management system. This translates into greater agility in obtaining your applications, easier and cheaper maintenance, and greater performance and quality of the applications, as the evolution and testing of the elements on which they are based are constant.

Tell us your idea and at Aeioros we will make it a reality, adapting at all times to your needs and your budget:

  • Native applications for iOS and Android, developed and optimized specifically for each operating system.
  • Hybrid applications that take advantage of the advantages of web development and adapt to the device like native apps.
  • Web apps, a somewhat simpler development option by using browser language (HTML, CSS, Javascript), which reduces development costs.

We offer world-class mobile application development services, for all platforms, mobile devices and across all spectrums, from native, hybrid, HTML5 and web environment.

We have proven experience for years in software development, the next application we want to design is for your company.

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