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What is SCSPv3?

Replacement of Certificates in Paper Support (SCSPv3), is a set of specifications aimed at the exchange of data between Public Administrations with the aim of eliminating administrative certificates on paper, avoiding the citizen from presenting to public administrations documentation that is already in the possession of the themselves, replacing them with a data exchange between Administrations that is carried out electronically, standardized and fast and with full legal guarantee.

For any public administration.

The SCSPv3 version incorporates the following new features: Due to the disappearance of the Ministry of Public Administrations, and with the aim of obtaining a reference place to locate the SCSP schemes, the name space has been replaced by intermediation to make them independent of the nomenclature of the organizations that use them, and indicate that the supported version is suitable for intermediation.

Introduces new fields in the schema (Generic Data) associated with the “Requestor” of the information, which had been identified as necessary when using version 2.

  • Processing Unit: Unit within the Requesting Body that makes the request.
  • Procedure.
  • Procedural Code: Procedure Code of the processing agency.
  • ProcedureName: Univocal name of the procedure of the processing Agency.
  • IdFile: Identifier of the file in the processing Agency.

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