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Pondio Engineers

Passion for engineering... Ability to tackle highly complex projects. Specialists in unique building structures and bridges.

Development of building, bridges and civil works projects. Complex analysis of structural models. Experts in reinforced and prestressed concrete, steel and mixed structures... since 1996

Pondio Ingenieros has actively participated in many civil works projects and has developed all the work related to the project of both road and railway bridges, especially High Speed.

Projected bridge typologies:

  • Bridges with stays, which include cable-stayed systems, suspension systems, with external prestressing, etc.
  • Reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges, built with self-supporting falsework, with successive cantilevers, with framed falsework, etc.
  • Arch bridges, built on falsework or by cantilevering.
    Prefabricated bridges of all types; with prefabricated beams of double “T” section, box section, with continuity, portico type, etc.
  • Mixed concrete and steel bridges.

Among the companies with which it has collaborated we can mention: Dragados, Puentes y Calzadas, Sacyr, Ferrovial, OHL, Acciona, etc.

Projection, dimensioning and calculation of countless auxiliary means:

  • Bridge falsework.
  • Beam launching carts.
  • Cantilever forward carriages.
  • Lifting carts, etc.

Design and verification of maneuvers.

Actively collaborating with specialist companies (Ale, Vsl, etc.):

  • Lifting of structures.
  • Hoisting and lowering of arches.
  • Turns and lateral ripping of bridge elements.
  • Floating transfers.
  • Bridge pushing maneuvers.
  • In all cases it has assumed responsibility for calculating the elements to be used and for the physical definition of the maneuver.

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Global leader in consulting services, digital transformation, technology, and engineering.

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